Keep your emotions under control II: How to (not) get carried away (EN)

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Psychologist, lecturer, author and coach. 

She leads comprehensive personal development courses, coaches, provides counseling in the…

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Follow-up training on: Keep your emotions under control I: The path of self-knowledge. 

It is important to accept the fact that emotions are ours and learn to use their energy to benefit us. Emotions are contagious and can affect others, whether in a positive or negative direction. Learn to work with your emotions, increase your life energy, strengthen mental resilience and self-confidence!

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In the course you will learn how to:

  • work with your emotional patterns (secret programs), triggers, destructive thought forms that you learned in the course "Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness",

  • not to succumb to emotional abductions, whether anger, sadness, helplessness or excessive enthusiasm or joy,

  • perceive things, events and people as a whole - for better or for worse,

  • analyze, visualize and release negative emotions and thoughts,

  • work with the breath, with the body and anchor in the present to make you feel better and stronger,

  • perform psychohygiene,

  • Simply relax, meditate and tune in to Alpha's brain waves. 

Studijní materiály

The  course includes training materials with tests, practical worksheets, tasks, exercises, summaries. 

 All participants will get a certificate of attendence.

Keep your emotions under control II: How to (not) get carried away (EN)

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