We create a voice assistant (EN)

Kurzem Vás provede Martin Krček

Google Developer Expert pro Google Voice Assistant, 20 let zkušeností s marketingem, obchodem, strategií a SW řešením (chatBot aj.).

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Artificial intelligence-powered voice assistants will dramatically change all marketing and customer service. In the course, you will learn about Alex from Amazon, Google Assist and Siri. 

You will learn to design Voice Conversation Design - natural voice conversation. Even without programming knowledge, you "click" a functional assistant who will communicate with people - after chat or by voice - via phone, slack or Facebook Messenger.


The course is intended for innovators who are interested in technological innovations. For marketing specialists and customer service, which, thanks to voice assistants, brings unique 24/7 support options regardless of the number of questions. And last but not least, managers who are not afraid to stand out from the competition.


  • Design - create a natural voice conversation in the Google Dialogflow environment
  • Connection to the web, Facebook, telephone exchange, slack ..
  • Link to Google Speaker (smart speaker)
  • Connection to a mobile phone

Study Materials

The materials are in electronic form.


We program a voice assistant

We create a voice assistant (EN)

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26.11.2024  ONLINE

2 990 Kč + 21% DPH

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