VMware vSphere: Troubleshooting [V8]

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This five-day hands-on course provides you with the advanced knowledge, skills, and abilities to achieve competency in troubleshooting VMware vSphere® 8. This workshop will increase your skills and competencies in using the command-line interface, VMware vSphere® Client ™, log files, and other tools for analysis and problem solving. VMware ESXi 8.0. VMware vCenter Server 8.0.

By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives:

  • Introduce troubleshooting principles and procedures
  • Use command-line interfaces, log files, and the vSphere Client to diagnose and resolve problems in the vSphere environment
  • Explain the purpose of common vSphere log files
  • Identify networking issues based on reported symptoms
  • Validate and troubleshoot the reported networking issue
  • Identify the root cause of networking issue
  • Implement the appropriate resolution to recover from networking problems
  • Analyze storage failure scenarios using a logical troubleshooting methodology identify the root cause of storage failure
  • Apply the appropriate resolution to resolve storage failure problems
  • Troubleshoot vSphere cluster failure scenarios
  • Analyze possible vSphere cluster failure causes
  • Diagnose common VMware vSphere® High Availability problems and provide solutions
  • Identify and validate VMware ESXiTM host and VMware vCenter® problems
  • Analyze failure scenarios of ESXi host and vCenter problems
  • Select the correct resolution for the failure of ESXi host and vCenter problems
  • Troubleshoot virtual machine problems, including migration problems, snapshot problems, and connection problems
  • Troubleshoot performance problems with vSphere components

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VMware vSphere: Troubleshooting [V8]

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