Taleo (TEE): Upgrading from Legacy Onboarding to Onboarding (Transitions) (TR-SA-UPGRADE)


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This Taleo (TEE): Upgrading from Legacy Onboarding to Onboarding (Transitions) (TR-SA-UPGRADE) training is specifically designed for experienced Onboarding administrators. Expert Oracle University instructors will help you understand the changes to existing functionality and the new functionality added in Onboarding (Transitions).This course is appropriate for Oracle Cloud deployments. Learn To:Create Content PagesCreate a process with steps and transitions.Modify an E-Offer process.Review the capabilities of the Synchronization tool.Utilize the system for different process types such as Pre-Hire, New Hire and E-Offer.Configure source materials like forms, messages and PDF documents.Perform other basic administrative tasks.Follow the necessary steps to activate and launch the Onboarding (Transitions) product. Configure different options for the Career Section portalDesign an E-Offer processWork with the new field platformBenefits to YouInvesting in this course will give you the chance to understand the changes from the original Legacy Onboarding product and how you can upgrade your content and process to the Onboarding (Transitions) product. You will be exposed to the capabilities of the powerful synchronization tool to help migrate your data from one system to the other, review new features like Content Pages and examine the new platform for the usage of user-defined and standard fields.Administrators will also be taken through specific end user tasks through a blended learning experience. This course also includes information and hands-on exercises for changes to the field structure, candidate portal in the Career Section, E-Offer and other configurations.

Taleo (TEE): Upgrading from Legacy Onboarding to Onboarding (Transitions) (TR-SA-UPGRADE)

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