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This course is the classroom delivered version of Instructor Led Online Course SQL Workshop - Instructor Led Online (3E120).
This course provides an introduction to the SQL language and applies to the entire DB2 Family, and Informix. This course is appropriate for customers working in all DB2 environments, that is, z/OS, VM/VSE, iSeries, Linux, UNIX, and Windows. It is also appropriate for customers working in an Informix environment.
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This is a basic course anyone needing to write, support, or understand SQL queries. This includes but is not limited to end-users, programmers, application designers, database administrators, and system administrators who do not yet have knowledge of the SQL Data Manipulation Language (DML).
Předpokládané znalosti
You should have:
• Basic computer literacy
• Basic editing skills
• Database skills are not required
Cíl kurzu
• Code SQL statements to retrieve data from a DB2 or Informix table, including the SELECT, FROM, WHERE, GROUP BY, HAVING and ORDER BY clauses
• Code inner joins and non-correlated subqueries
• Use SQL arithmetic operations
• Use scalar and column functions
• Code simple CREATE TABLE and CREATE VIEW statements
Klíčová témata
• Define the terms: Database, table, row, column, view
• State the more common DB2 and Informix data types
• List the most commonly used SQL statements in the: Data Definition Language (DDL), Data Manipulation Language (DML), and Data Control Language (DCL)
• State three null characteristics, and their meaning
Simple SQL Queries
• Describe four SELECT statement clauses (SELECT, FROM, WHERE, ORDER BY) and their purpose
• Retrieve all rows of a table
• Retrieve specific columns
• Retrieve rows based on comparisons to numeric or alphanumeric column values
• Use the keywords BETWEEN, IN, LIKE, DISTINCT
• Order the resulting rows in a desired sequence
Retrieving Data from Multiple Tables
• Retrieve data from more than one table or view
• Specify JOIN predicates
• Use correlation names in queries
• Distinguish between INNER and OUTER joins
Scalar Functions and Arithmetic
• Use arithmetic in the SELECT and WHERE clauses
• Use basic scalar functions to: Manipulate arithmetic calculations through rounding, Manipulate date values, and Manipulate character data
Column Functions and Grouping
• Describe the difference between scalar and column functions
• List the more common DB2 and Informix column functions
• Group rows into sets based on one or more columns
• Limit the number of groups in the result set
• Produce a single result table containing data from more than one query
• State the UNION rules
• State the difference between UNION and UNION ALL
Using Subqueries
• Use subqueries in WHERE and HAVING clauses
• Code subqueries using basic predicates
• Code subqueries using the IN keyword
Maintaining Data
• Create a simple table for testing DML statements
• Create a simple view
• Insert rows into a table
• Update data in a table
• Delete rows from a table
• Drop a table
Day 1
• Welcome
• Introduction
• Simple SQL Queries
• Exercise 1
• Exercise Review
• Retrieving Data from Multiple Tables
• Exercise 2
• Exercise Review
• Scalar Functions and Arithmetic
• Exercise 3
Day 2
• Exercise review
• Column Functions and Grouping
• Exercise 4
• Exercise Review
• Exercise 5
• Exercise Review
• Using Subqueries
• Exercise 6
• Exercise Review
• Maintaining Data
• Exercise 7
• Exercise Review

SQL Workshop

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