SLE211v15 - SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 Deployment (EN)

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We will introduce you to current SLES deployment technologies on bare metal systems, in a virtual environment or in public cloud platforms.

Students will learn and perform basic installation using the unified installer along with more advanced deployment using AutoYaST and image-based deployment with images built using the KIWI tool.


Attendees will be taught the following concepts and skills: 
  • Preparing for SLES deployment 
  • Methods for deploying SLES 
  • Manual deployment of SLES 
  • Automated installation with AutoYaST 
  • Image based deployment using KIWI 
  • Deploying SLES to the Public Cloud platforms  


This course is designed for system administrators, consultants, technical sales representatives and support engineers. 


Section 1: Course Overview 
Section 2: Preparing for SLES Deployment 
  • Overview of Deploying SLES 
  • Supported Platforms 
  • SUSE Customer Center 
  • Product Lifecycle 
  • Access the Product Packages 
  • Technology Previews 
  • Products, Modules and Extensions 
Section 3: Methods for Deploying SLES 
  • Overview of Deployment Methods 
  • Deployment Methods 
  • Deployment Infrastructure 
  • Deployment Services 
Section 4: Manual Deployment of SLES 
  • Overview of the Manual Deployment Process 
  • Prepare for a Manual Installation 
  • Deploy SLES Manually 
  • Access a System during the Deployment 
  • Remote installation Process 
Section 5: Automated Deployment of SLES using AutoYaST 
  • Introduction to AutoYaST 
  • AutoYaST Components 
Section 6: Image Based Deployment of SLES Using KIWI 
  • Overview of KIWI 
  • KIWI Basic Workflow 
  • KIWI Build Host 
  • KIWI Image Description File 
  • Building KIWI Images 
  • KIWI Image Maintenance 
Section 7: Deploying SLES to the Public Cloud 
  • Overview of the Public Cloud 
  • Introduction to the Cloud Deployment Process 
  • Prepare for Deployment 
  • Bring Your Own Subscription or Pay As You Go? 
  • Cloud Images 
  • Deploy SLES to the Public Cloud 
  • Manual Instance Deployment in the Cloud 
  • Automated Deployment Tools 
  • Post Deployment Configuration  


Attendees should be familiar with using the Bash shell and the vim text editor, understand basic networking concepts and terminology. Previous experience with using Linux is required.

Study Materials

Materials are in electronic form from SUSE.

SLE211v15 - SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 Deployment (EN)

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14.11.2024 –  15.11.2024  ONLINE

990 Euro + 21% DPH

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