SL500 Operations Overview STK-2661


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The SL500 Operations course teaches students the skills necessary to perform operator tasks on the SL500. The course focuses on major component functions, proper use and maintenance of cartridges, and proper performance of automated and manual tasks. The partitioning feature of the SL500 is also discussed. Students who can benefit from this courseSystems Administrators, Operators, and Data Center Managers


  • Basic UNIX skills


  • Locate major components and have a high-level understanding of their function
  • Describe the purpose of each button and LED on the keypad and local operator panel (if applicable)
  • Properly use and maintain Ultrium and SDLT cartridges
  • Properly perform automated and manual tasks
  • Access SLC and use it to monitor the library components
  • Use the troubleshooting table to resolve simple problems, and know how to contact headquarters
  • Configure partitions and operate the CAP when partitioning is present


Component Locations

  • Base module
  • Robotics unit
  • Keypad
  • Slot numbering scheme (library, module, row, column)
  • Power switch
  • Power cords/strip
  • Tape drives
  • Cooling fans

Controls and Indicators

  • Keypad
  • Local operator panel

Cartridge Information

  • Handle the cartridges
  • Identify the cartridge components
  • Apply labels
  • Set the write-protect switch

Library Operation

  • Open the front door
  • Enter a cartridge and eject a cartridge through the CAP
  • Power on and off the library
  • Open the front door and lock the front door (without power)
  • Locate and remove a cartridge
  • Insert and remove a cartridge from a tape drive
  • Return the library to ready status

Access SLC (password)

  • Use the Details screen to describe what components are in the library
  • Use the Reports screen and understand and print the reports


  • Use the troubleshooting table
  • Use LEDs
  • Use SLC
  • Know how to contact CSSC

Partitioning feature

  • How to configure the partitions and operate the CAP when partitioning is present.

SL500 Operations Overview STK-2661

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