S Oracle SuperCluster for System Administrators Ed 1


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The Oracle SuperCluster for System Administrators seminar is intended for system administrators who perform administration on the Oracle SuperCluster T5-8 or the Oracle SuperCluster M6-32. The goal of the course is to provide administrators with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform configuration, administration, and basic troubleshooting.his course covers both the Oracle SuperCluster T5-8 and M6-32 along with their common features, functionality, components, monitoring, and basic maintenance procedures. The Oracle SuperCluster seminar will help you develop the skills to successfully describe, configure, maintain, administer and troubleshoot software and hardware on the Oracle SuperCluster . Explore the architecture and components of an Oracle SuperCluster, while deep diving into the available features.bLearn To:/pist the functions and features of Oracle SuperCluster.dentify the components and architecture of Oracle SuperCluster.ntegrate Oracle SuperCluster into an existing data center.dminister Oracle SuperCluster.onfigure Oracle VM Server for SPARC (LDoms) and discuss configuration options.erform basic troubleshooting and common tasks of Oracle SuperCluster, including backup and recovery.now where to obtain and use SuperCluster and Solaris best practices.bBenefits To You/phe Oracle SuperCluster is an integrated hardware platform with SPARC servers, network and storage, which are optimized for performance, availability, security, and virtualization and designed to run database, middleware, and applications.t is ideal for Oracle Database and best for Oracle application customers who need to maximize return on their software investments, increase their IT agility and improve application usability and overall IT productivity. Students will gain a better understanding of the system architecture and best practices. This course prepares individuals responsible for the system administration of the Oracle SuperCluster to successfully perform their function./p

S Oracle SuperCluster for System Administrators Ed 1

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