RightNow Integration and Customization For Developers TOD Renewal


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This RightNow Integration and Customization For Developers training focuses on non-Web-based aspects of RightNow CX. This includes programmatic access to the RightNow knowledge base and customization of the Agent Desktop client application.Learn To:Use SOAP web services to access the RightNow knowledge base to extract, store or manipulate data.Integrate information from the knowledge base with other enterprise systems, and vice-versa.Create profiles and staff accounts.Write ROQL Queries that use the RightNow Common Object Model.Optimize operations using bulking, chaining and batching.Benefits to YouExpert Oracle University instructors will also help you explore the concepts and skills a developer needs to customize or extend the Agent Desktop application, which is used by call center agents to provide customer support. To do this, you'll use the RightNow Desktop Add-In Framework, which provides templates and wizards. These templates and wizards simplify adding components with new functionality, including automation, integration of external data or applications or new controls.

RightNow Integration and Customization For Developers TOD Renewal

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