R12 Oracle General Ledger Management Fundamentals


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This course will enable the user to maximize accounting process efficiencies across the enterprise while still achieving a high level of information and setup security.Additionally, this course will teach the fundamental improvements in Oracle General Ledger enabling students to perform simultaneous accounting for multiple reporting requirements and access and process data for multiple ledgers and legal entities at the same time using the power of ledger sets.earn To:ulnderstand the steps for completing the full accounting cycle liUnderstand the ledger conceptliUnderstand the various implementation considerations nderstand how Oracle General Ledger integrates with the eBusiness Suite of applicationsnderstand the capabilities of securing data within Oracle General Ledger /ula href="http://education.oracle.com/education/videos/MiniSSCD/R12OracleGeneralLedgerManagementFundamentalsdemo_overview/" target="_blank"/a

R12 Oracle General Ledger Management Fundamentals

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