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Power BI Efficient data analysis and reporting (EN)

David Solnař

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The Power BI course Effective data analysis and reporting will show you how to use interactive data analysis and reporting in the Power BI tool in all aspects.

The course focuses on built-in PowerPivot technology, which allows regular users to quickly analyze millions of rows from different databases simultaneously.
The course includes the DAX language, which allows you to create a very advanced analytical solution, far beyond the capabilities of classical contingency tables.
The course deals with sharing analyzes in the company and outside the company, on various devices, or other options that the Excel environment does not provide.
We will show you not only standard functionality, but also all the hidden possibilities that will take your reporting to the next level - well above what you thought it was possible so far. And all this in a tool from Microsoft that is free, fast and stable, and has no limits on data sources or their size.


The course is designed especially for Excel users who need to analyze large volumes of data, in cooperation with intuitive, as well as advanced and modern reporting.


  • Introduction to Power BI, introduction of the tool and its limits
  • Compare free version vs. paid "Pro" version
  • Query editor and data transformation
  • Load data into the data model
  • Data processing from database, Facebook and Google Analytics
  • Edit and transform data before and after loading, group data, transpose rows and columns
  • Eliminate data errors
  • Load and edit tables from web pages
  • Merge and join queries
  • Combining binaries
  • Advanced query editor and query editing
  • Statistical and mathematical data transformation
  • Navigation in the used data transformation procedure and steps back
  • Add custom columns
  • Structured columns - unpacking and aggregation
  • Introduction to the M language
  • Data modeling with PowerPivot
  • Introduction to PowerPivot technology
  • Creating links between tables
  • Link and combine data from multiple data sources
  • Using dials
  • Diagram display
  • Hiding system columns
  • Update data from underlying databases
  • Default data formatting
  • Edit data model
  • What works from PowerPivot in Excel and what doesn't
  • Import PowerPivot files from Excel
  • Advanced data model functionality
  • Introduction to the analytical language DAX - Data Analysis Expressions
  • Calculated columns in DAX
  • Summary indicators and scales in DAX
  • Time hierarchies - analysis by years, months, days,…
  • Other hierarchies - analysis by product lines, departments, areas,…
  • Key Performance Indicators - KPIs
  • Creating KPIs from aggregates
  • Slicery
  • Treatment of errors in samples
  • Table from the result of the DAX query
  • Merge multiple tables into one
  • Set default summary, data categories and home table
  • Data types, formatting and sorting of columns
  • Custom calculations in DAX language
  • Functions for working with dates and times
  • Information function 

Study Materials

Materials are in electronic form.

Power BI Efficient data analysis and reporting (EN)

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