PostgreSQL Administration (EN)

David Solnař

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This course is intended for beginning and intermediate users and administrators who will learn everything needed to use this database system effectively and will also prepare students for the daily management of PostgreSQL databases, backup, recovery, replication, monitoring and optimization. 


  • Understand the architecture of the database system
  • Perform installation and implementation of the database system
  • Necessary and recommended steps leading to optimal configuration
  • Create and manage databases
  • Use custom command line tools and GUI
  • Properly configure and ensure the required level of security
  • Use help and illuminate basic concepts
  • Theory and practical implementation of backup and recovery of databases
  • Maintenance tasks to ensure efficient system operation
  • Perform data moving
  • Understand metadata 


IT specialists who want to learn how to effectively manage the PostgreSQL database system. 


  •  PostgreSQL database system architecture
  • Introduction to administration - installation, cluster creation, connection to the server
  • Configuration - connection, authentication, WAL, log and other settings
  • Creation and administration of databases - databases, schemas, roles, users, groups
  • Using pgAdmin
  • Security basics - configuration, access control, ownership
  • SQL Primer - data types, basic queries, functions, constraints, views, indexes
  • Maintenance - Query plan, statistics, vacuum, index maintenance
  • Transactions and competitive approach
  • Extension modules
  • Data transfer
  • Backup and recovery - backup types and strategies
  • Point in Time Recovery
  • High availability and replication
  • Monitoring
  • Performance tuning 

Study Materials

Materials are in electronic form.


PostgreSQL Programming

PostgreSQL Administration (EN)

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