Perl advanced programming techniques (EN)

David Solnař

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The course is intended for programmers who want to learn advanced programming techniques in the PERL language. In this course you will learn the style of object-oriented programming in PERL, the use of PERL for working with XML documents, cooperation with database systems and CGI scripts.

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  • Principles of object-oriented programming

  • Methods

  • Creating custom objects

  • Inheritance

  • Classes in the external module, classes in the main program

  • Constructors

  • Rewriting methods

  • Calling the parent method

  • Principle of CGI

  • CGI and environment variables

  • Processing HTTP queries

  • Form processing

  • Redirects, SSI, cookies

  • Security of CGI scripts

  • XML language, XSchema, DTD

  • DOM, SAX model

  • XML stream, events, handlers

  • Using XML :: Parser, XML :: DOM, XML :: LibXML, XML :: Simple packages

  • PERL DBI concept

  • Drivers and handlers SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL

  • Processing SQL queries / statements

  • Advanced work with DBI (LONG, LOB, metadata) 

Studijní materiály

Materials are in electronic form.

Perl advanced programming techniques (EN)

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18 000 Kč + 21% DPH

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