PeopleSoft Query Reporting Rel 8.50


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This two-day course covers basic and advanced functions of PeopleSoft Query. You learn how to design reports that use criteria to filter data or that use predefined online calculations. You also learn to create reports with runtime prompts that build flexibility and reusability into your reports and decrease your report design time. In addition, you learn to schedule queries to run while you are away so that your reports always run on time.The Query Advanced portion of this course teaches you to create complex online reports. You learn advanced techniques to view the exact data that you need, use expressions to perform configurable online calculations, and combine data from unrelated tables or multiple queries to return one set of data.Learn To: Filter output with criteria and runtime promptsWork with multiple tables and summary calculationsPerform administrative tasksCreate expressions, drilling URLs, Any-Joins, and Outer-JoinUse sub queries, unions, and Connected QueryUse Query Manager

PeopleSoft Query Reporting Rel 8.50

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