PeopleSoft Financial Solutions New Features


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This PeopleSoft Financial Solutions New Features Ed 3 training offers you a high-level introduction to the major features and enhancements of PeopleSoft Financials through PeopleSoft Update Image 11. It provides information on which to base further learning when you return to your own business environment, or information that may be used for future reference.bLearn About Updates To:/pPeopleSoft General LedgerPeopleSoft PayablesPeopleSoft BillingPeopleSoft ReceivablesPeopleSoft ExpensesPeopleSoft TreasuryeopleSoft Asset ManagementeopleSoft Project CostingeopleSoft Customer ContractseopleSoft Commitment ControleopleSoft GrantseopleSoft PS/nVisionbBenefits to You/py taking this course, you will walk away with valuable information about updates to PeopleSoft financial applications, from the general availability of release 9.2 through PeopleSoft Update Image 11. Deepen your understanding of key features in PeopleSoft financial applications, including WorkCenters, Dashboards, Approval Workflow Extensions, Mobile functionality, Worksheet enhancements, Business Process Weaver, Data Export/Import Utility and more. Discover the new capabilities of PeopleSoft Financials, including In-Memory Real Time Bottom Line.bExplore PeopleSoft Financials New Features/pxpert instructors use lively discussions and activities to demonstrate the PeopleSoft Financials new features you use or may adopt for use in your business. Perform a partial payment unpost and repost, create a payment request, review the Perform Reconciliation feature, modify filter values for the My Work pagelet in WorkCenters and more. Deep dive into applications of new functionality, including the Business Process Weaver for Contracts processes and Embedded Help in Expenses.bPlease Note/pourse materials are appropriate for any customer using Release 9.0 or 9.1 PeopleSoft Applications who is interested in an upgrade to 9.2. If you have already taken the first Release 9.2 New Features course (D81179GC10), you can retake the new course to explore the features and enhancements delivered in the PeopleSoft Update Images.

PeopleSoft Financial Solutions New Features

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