PeopleSoft ePerformance Rel 9.2


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This PeopleSoft ePerformance Rel 9.2 training teaches you how the PeopleSoft ePerformance application can help you achieve effective performance management that facilitates communication between business leaders and employees. You'll learn how the application can help you provide a clear direction on organizational priorities and encourage desired employee actions.bLearn To:/p et up system tables for ePerformance.reate document up, create and publish business objectives.reate documents from templates for managers, employees and other participants.stablish and modify evaluation criteria.nter comments on the employees progress against performance criteria.anage multi-participant feedback.nter comments and ratings in advisor tools in evaluations.eview and approve evaluations.erform administrative tasks.un ePerformance reports.ork with text catalogs for ePerformance.ork with non-person profiles. bBenefits to You/p o accomplish these goals, ePerformance includes significant new features and functionality. These features are designed to help organizations more effectively align business objectives with employee goals. This solution will ultimately help you drive organizational performance to higher levels, while reducing operating costs.bExplore New Time-Saving Features/phis course will give you a chance to explore time-saving features in ePerformance. These features include simplified ePerformance document creation processes and additional document configuration options that facilitate robust performance management fitting your business needs. Some of the showcased features include the implementation of ePerformance WorkCenter. WorkCenter streamlines evaluation processes and improves user experience for managers and employees.bAdditional Learning/pou'll also be introduced to a new step in an evaluation process that supports intermediate, mid-period reviews and the integration with Outlook. See how you're now able to capture email content as performance notes for documents, while generating Outlook tasks reminders for tasks pertaining to evaluations in ePerformance. Together, with the rest of the features that are built to enhance usability and functionality, ePerformance gives you the solution you need to drive workforce performance.

PeopleSoft ePerformance Rel 9.2

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