PEDUA1 - Cyber Security Architect I. (EN)

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Enterprise Security Architect Lubos is a long-time professional in the field of corporate, security architecture, quality assurance and information…

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A Guide to Security Architect Roles - Strategic Planning and Governance Approach

2-day course that clearly explains with practical examples the basic reasons, methods, models and standards used for the introduction of the company's security architecture.


  • Present the tasks of the cybersecurity architect role from a strategic perspective
  • Bring clarity to terms and contexts
  • Recommend mediation and mentoring procedures in making this area accessible to a wide range of consumers of cataloged security services


  • Security analyst or documentarian
  • Security process specialist
  • Aspiring Enterprise Security Architect
  • Project leader or manager of security projects
  • ISMS internal or external auditor
  • Personal data processing officer
  • Data or information architect
  • Business architect
  • SW architect
  • Infrastructure - technology architect


  • The importance of security and architecture
  • Security architecture model
  • System approach
  • Measuring return on investment in security architecture
  • Preparation and management of the security architecture program
  • Security architecture context (business needs, opportunities, values, digital capabilities, continuity, stability, reputation and credibility)
  • The concept of security architecture (strategy, business-risk model, security domains and layers, trusted links between the company's protected assets - information risk management, the life cycle of the security architecture and its phases)
  • Standards and legislation (global and local areas)


A basic overview of IT or business operations of the company, experience with architecture is beneficial, logical and structured thinking, perception of the need for comprehensive risk management while protecting the assets of the company being dealt with.

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Cyber Security Architect II.

PEDUA1 - Cyber Security Architect I. (EN)

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