Oracle Value Chain Planning: Implement Inventory Optimization


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The course starts off covering the positioning of the Value Chain Planning suite of products and the introduction to Inventory Optimization (IO). A detailed coverage of data that needs to be setup to run an IO plan as well as the impact of the data is reviewed in detail. arious inventory reduction strategies used by IO to reduce safety stock for an organization is covered in detail, various aspects are discussed including inventory postponement, risk pooling multi-period planning, impact of cycle stock...etc. IO’s proprietary method combines all of these as well as other factors to arrive at the optimal safety stock that is needed all the while maintaining or exceeding the service level target that is required by the company.eports showing the output of the IO plan is reviewed in detail to show postponement and identification of the impact of various variability.Advanced capabilities like warehouse capacity impacts, impact of cycle stock on safety stock and dealing with intermittent demand patterns are reviewed in detail.Analytics play a critical part in quickly analyzing the plan output and comparing multiple IO plans to make decisions on the service level to enforce or decide on the budget that can be successfully enforced while maintaining the desired level of service to customer. Advanced Planning Command Center (APCC) is a product that works along with IO to help in this process and the various capabilities are covered in the section on Analytics. We also review APCC’s new UI enhancements that permit users to update IO Plans, perform plan launches and easily perform plan simulations.Finally the course covers that all important tips and tricks to implement IO quickly and easily while sailing past the common pitfalls that implementers face during their implementation. The section of Implementation tips covers the most common and uncommon mistakes that users could cause and possible solutions. This invaluable section rounds up the end of IO that makes IO an easy product to implement and use.

Oracle Value Chain Planning: Implement Inventory Optimization

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