Oracle Service Bus 12c: Design and Integrate Services


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Oracle Service Bus can help your enterprise integration without having to write your own integration logic for every application. n this course, students learn how to use Oracle Service Bus 12c to make services interact in a decouple manner overcoming the challenges of location transparency, transport protocol mediation, message validation, message routing, message transformation, message enhancement, and security in an integration project. The course also covers how to implement enterprise-quality message flows with Service Bus 12c.enefits to youbrhis course takes a use case driven approach to explain the OSB capabilities of connecting, mediating, and coordinating the interaction between different applications and services across a variety of platforms, protocols, and interface technologies. The course also discusses OSB as a common infrastructure in support of a broad scale SOA initiative.bLive Virtual Class Format/p Live Virtual Class (LVC) is exclusively for registered students; unregistered individuals may not view an LVC at any time. Registered students must view the class from the country listed in the registration form. Unauthorized recording, copying, or transmission of LVC content may not be made.

Oracle Service Bus 12c: Design and Integrate Services

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21.7.2020 –  24.7.2020  Praha

45428 Kč + 21 % DPH

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