Oracle Identity Governance 11g R2: Develop Identity Provisioning


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In this intensive course, you'll learn about Oracle Identity Manager 11R2 PS2 (, a product of the Oracle Identity Governance Suite. You learn the architecture of Oracle Identity Governance 11R2 and know the various development tools used.bLearn To:/pevelop Oracle Identity Manager connectors to integrate systems.est and install connectors.reate and manage reconciliation workflows in Oracle Identity Manager.ustomize reconciliation workflows with plug-ins, event handlers, and scheduled tasks.rovision resources and grant entitlements to users.nderstand Oracle SOA Suite.ustomize approval processes in SOA Suite.onfigure self-profile management workflows in Oracle Identity Manager.onfigure Oracle Identity Manager certifications.xtend an Oracle Identity Manager connector.ustomize the Oracle Identity Manager UI.ustomize the application instance form for access requests.bBenefits to You/pnvesting in this course will help you secure your organization's critical applications and sensitive data to lower operational costs. You'll develop the knowledge and skills to effectively manage the entire user identity life cycle across all enterprise resources.bOn-board Users from an Authoritative Source/pou'll learn how to perform reconciliation from a trusted source, and implement customizations by using API interfaces exposed to extending Oracle Identity Manager functionality.bConfigure Access Requests/bou'll learn about using connectors for integrating with a target LDAP resource, which is provisioned to identities in addition to harvesting target resource entitlements for provisioning access rights on the resource.bConfigure Customized Approval Workflows/bou'll learn about creating a custom SOA composite application with approval workflow requirements (assignees) that are dynamically determined by metadata obtained from Oracle Identity Manager through its Request Web Service interface.bManage Identity Life Cycle/bou'll learn about customization tasks needed to manage changes to information about an existing identity in the system. This includes customizing an OES policy and tasks related to provisioning operations associated with the LDAP connector implementation.bImplementing Additional UI Customization/pou'll learn how to modify the Identity Self Service Console with links to launch a custom task flow for adding new users, and securing access to the new functionality.bNote: his is an accelerated course, covering 7 days worth of content in only 5 days. Because of this extra content, the duration of classes can be slightly longer than usual. This course is based on Oracle Identity Manager 11R2 PS2 (

Oracle Identity Governance 11g R2: Develop Identity Provisioning

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60 235 Kč + 21% DPH

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