Oracle FCUB Development Toolkit, Dev & Extensibility 12.0.3 Part 1


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This Oracle FCUB Development Toolkit, Dev Extensibility 12.0.3 training is designed to cover specific elements relating to the “Extensibility” tool kit and the extent to which the boundaries of this toolkit can be stretched. Expert Oracle instructors will teach you how to design new modules, functionalities and screens by the customer or the partner; they will also explore features such as new screens, user interface extensions, custom handlers, business logic callouts, system data elements and style sheet editor.a href=",clang:EN"View Training On Demand course, Part 2/pbLearn To:/perform the Oracle FLEXCUBE Development Workbench Tool installation and setup.esign an Oracle FLEXCUBE development workbench tool screen.nderstand the Oracle FLEXCUBE UBS product extensibility.nderstand various components of an FCUB screen.ecome familiar with the Oracle FLEXCUBE architecture.nderstand the Oracle FLEXCUBE object naming conventions.rasp an overview of Oracle FLEXCUBE development workbench tool.esign a new screen.dd a new validation to the new or the existing screen.dd/change front-end and back-end business logic.bBenefits to You/paking this course helps you develop an overall understanding of the technical architecture and various interfaces of Oracle FLEXCUBE. You'll gain valuable knowledge of the extensibility feature of Oracle FLEXCUBE, while learning how to install of Oracle FLEXCUBE Development Workbench Tool.bGain Hands-On Experience/phis course will give you hands-on experience installing the Oracle FLEXCUBE Development Workbench Tool. You'll practice hiding screens, tabs, fields, rearranging layout, changing labels and more in an FCUB screen. You'll also gain experience adding new fields and data, while storing modifying field properties in an FCUB screen.

Oracle FCUB Development Toolkit, Dev & Extensibility 12.0.3 Part 1

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