Oracle Enterprise Data Quality 12c: Profile, Audit and Operate


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This Oracle Enterprise Data Quality 12c: Profile, Audit and Operate training teaches you how to profile the quality of a set of data. Expert Oracle University instructors will explore Oracle Enterprise Data Quality's user interface and how to use its profiling tools to delve into data and quickly identify inconsistencies, missing data and other problems.bLearn To:/pdentify data problems and check data validity.mport and export data.heck data quality using audit processors.reate data quality processes and jobs to run in batch and real-time.euse configuration in different processes.ransform data for up audit checks on the data and export the data.eploy strategies to re-use your work by publishing processors, creating and importing packages and making use of data interfaces and run profiles.nderstand Oracle Enterprise Data Quality's Server Console user interface and its Customer Data Extension Pack.bBenefits to You/py taking this course, you'll develop the knowledge and skills that allow your business to automate data quality processes using jobs that run in batch, saving time and energy. You'll know how to configure web services to run data quality processes in real-time.bPlease Note/phis course is based on Enterprise Data Quality version 12.1.3. You'll also get a brief overview of EDQ's Case Management functionality.

Oracle Enterprise Data Quality 12c: Profile, Audit and Operate

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