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Oracle Database: PL/SQL Fundamentals Ed 2


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The Oracle Database: PL/SQL Fundamentals Ed 2 course introduces students to the PL/SQL programming language. In the class, students learn to create PL/SQL blocks of application code. bLearn To:/pse various features of PL/SQL.rite anonymous blocks of code in PL/ various PL/SQL conditional constructs and loops in program blocks.nterface the PL/SQL code with the stored procedures and functions in their program blocks.andle Exceptions in PL/SQL code. b Benefits To You/ptudents will benefit from this course as it enables programmers with the skill of using this programming language. In the class students will learn to create anonymous PL/SQL blocks, to create procedures, functions and triggers. Students will learn to use explicit cursors in their program blocks. Demonstrations and hands-on practice reinforce the fundamental concepts. Students use Oracle SQL Developer to develop these program units. SQL*Plus is introduced as optional tools.

Oracle Database: PL/SQL Fundamentals Ed 2

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23.3.2020 –  24.3.2020  Praha

24392 Kč + 21 % DPH

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