Oracle CPQ Cloud Blue Belt Advanced BML Ed 1 TOD Renewal


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This CPQ Cloud Blue Belt Advanced BML training introduces the BigMachines Markup Language (BML) so you can learn how system administrators use it within the system. Administrators who have already learned the point-and-click interface taught in Oracle CPQ Cloud Yellow Belt will benefit from seeing how BML can be written to accomplish virtually any complex use case.Learn To:Define BML functions by using the language’s basic syntax.Use functions, conditionals, arrays, loops and dictionaries to perform advanced logic within BML.Query a Data Table within an advanced function using BMQL.Create a Util Library Function.Practice writing your own BML functions to meet advanced business requirements.Benefits to YouBy taking this course, you will learn how to write BML in accordance with its basic syntax, variables, data types and functions. Best practices reviewed throughout the course focus on keeping code concise and organized to assist future administrators in making changes. You'll walk away from the course will have all the tools to begin defining advanced BML functions on your own Oracle CPQ Cloud sites.

Oracle CPQ Cloud Blue Belt Advanced BML Ed 1 TOD Renewal

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5 175 Kč + 21% DPH

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