Oracle Commerce: Creating Dynamic Pages with Experience Manager Rel 11.2


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The Oracle Commerce: Creating Dynamic Pages with Experience Manager Rel 11.2 training teaches you about the different parts of Experience Manager to produce dynamic contextual relevant experiences at runtime. You will also become familiar with other aspects of the Oracle Commerce Workbench including how to configure keyword redirects, thesaurus entries, and automatic phrases.his course is appropriate for Commerce On Premise deployments only.bLearn To:/pescribe Experience Manager features.reate pages and rules.ffectively use slots to create dynamic preview to interactively display and edit the out-of-the-box cartridges to add features on a page.xplain and examine search behavior.nhance search functionality by creating thesaurus entries and automatic phrases.reate keyword redirects to redirect a user’s search to a specified location.ecure parts of Workbench by using User Access Controls.bOracle Commerce Experience Manager Introduction/phis course will teach you what Oracle Commerce Experience Manager is, as well as the features it provides. Learn how Experience Manager customizes the search and navigation experience by using pages to implement merchandising and content spotlighting.bExperience Manager Content/pxpert Oracle instructors will teach you how pages, content and slots work together to create dynamic content in an application. You'll use out-of-the-box cartridges to configure different features, including guided navigation, record spotlighting and boost and bury.bUnderstanding Search Behavior/pxplore how search terms are handled by the MDEX engine and which features can be configured by the merchandising team. Learn how to affect change within search results by creating thesaurus entries, automatic phrases, and working with relevance ranking modules.bKeyword Redirects/pou will also learn how to configure search terms and map them to a URL. The URL can be relative to your application context or an absolute URL outside of your application.bUser Access Controls/pinally, this course will teach you how to create users and groups. You'll then learn how to assign them permissions to use different parts of the Oracle Commerce Workbench.

Oracle Commerce: Creating Dynamic Pages with Experience Manager Rel 11.2

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