Oracle Cloud Applications: Security Overview


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This Oracle Cloud Applications: Security Overview training introduces you to security features of the Oracle Cloud Applications. Explore these components and how they fit into the security implementation; see how individual Fusion offerings implemented the RBAC security standard and identify common and unique elements to Human Capital Management, Financials, and Sales Cloud.Learn ToIdentify the Oracle security components required and their functions.Grasp high level details of each of the security components.Perform functions using Oracle’s Identity and Access Management.Become familiar with the process flows used for user access to the integrated applications.Understand how the Fusion Applications are implemented.See how the Functional Set Up Manager is used.Understand enterprise setup.Become familiar with the role type Fusion Applications uses to implement RBAC.Understand common security elements used by the integrated offerings.Explore security elements unique to Human Capital Management, Financials, and Sales Cloud.Use the Security Dashboard as a tool for research and customization.Benefits to YouYou'll walk away from this course with a high level understanding of the Oracle Cloud Applications security implementation. You'll get introduced to the Oracle components used to provide security for the Fusion Applications, while gaining an understanding of how Oracle Access and Identity Management is used to develop and maintain the Oracle Cloud applications security. You'll become familiar with the elements and construction of the roles needed for security in the Fusion Applications as well.Explore Fusion Applications SecurityThis course will help you differentiate between the common and offering unique elements that make up Fusion Applications security. You'll see how the Security Console allows for research and customization of the Fusion Applications security environment. Furthermore, you'll develop a high level understanding of Oracle Cloud Applications provides security.Topics include these required Oracle components: Oracle Identify Manager Functional Set Up Manager Human Capital Management Core Authorization Policy Manager Applications Access Controls Governor Security ConsoleOverview of Implementation vs. Daily Use Tasksyou will see how the installation of Oracle Cloud Applications is performed and how the Functional Set Up Manager is used to manage both the enterprise definition phase of implementation and the manager’s use in a day to day system administration and security administration capacity. This discussion will include description of an enterprise set up scenario to acquaint you with what enterprise set up entails.Roles Description and ProvisioningYou will also gain an understanding of how roles provide access to the functional components of the Fusion Applications and the construction techniques use to create roles leading to the creation of custom roles. Expert instructors will identify and describe common components used across all offerings. Explore and identify differences in the security implementation between Human Capital Management, Financials, and Sales Cloud.

Oracle Cloud Applications: Security Overview

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