Oracle BPM 11g Essentials


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This Oracle BPM 11g Essentials - Self-Study Course offers a quick overview of Business Process Management (BPM) and the Oracle BPM product. You'll develop deeper knowledge of BPM and Oracle BPM and possibly evaluate the product for use in your organization.bLearn To:/pescribe the Oracle BPM methodology and the tools that support each phase of the BPM life cycle.escribe how to create process models using Oracle Business Process Composer and BPM Studio.xplain the role simulations play in optimizing a and describe the tasks involved in implementing a BPM process.escribe how end users participate in a business process.xplain how Oracle BAM can help you monitor the performance of deployed processes and raise alerts on abnormal business Oracle BPM Studio to simulate a process in order to optimize it.bBenefits to You/phis course also describes how developers, working with the same model, implement the process by creating the business logic and integrating each element of the process with services and back-end systems. You'll get a glimpse of how end users interact with running processes and will see how data from a running process can be monitored through dashboards in Business Process Workspace.bReal-Time Data Automatic Alerts/pnrolling in this course will also teach you how Oracle BAM presents real-time data and provides automatic alerts and actions. These alerts and actions allow those responsible for the processes to continuously monitor performance, alert important parties when there are problems and take immediate action to resolve issues.bExplore Business Process Management Lifecycles/pou'll also explore Business Process Management and the phases in a typical BPM life cycle. This Self-Study Course presents the Oracle BPM Suite of products, explaining how each supports every part of the BPM life cycle. You'll then see how Business Analysts can use Oracle Business Process Composer or Oracle BPM Studio to model a process and make sure it's optimized.

Oracle BPM 11g Essentials

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