Oracle BI 11g ( and Exalytics: New Features


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This Oracle BI 11g ( and Exalytics: New Features training explores the new features available in Oracle BI EE release Expert Oracle University instructors will teach you how to work with new enhancements to Analyses, Dashboards, Oracle BI Administration Tool and Oracle BI Publisher.bLearn To:/preate a BI Mobile App using Oracle BI Mobile App Designer.nderstand the integration of BI content with Smart View.xplore the new features in Oracle Exalytics Software Release PS 5.ompare Oracle 12c Database In-Memory (DBIM) and TimesTen.dentify and work with some of the new features in the Oracle BI Administration Tool.escribe the enhancements to Presentation Services Administration and Security.onfigure Memory Guard and generate a report in Oracle BI Publisher based on Oracle BI Subject Area.bBenefits to You/py investing in this course, you'll get a chance to fully experience the Oracle BI 11g new features that can help your business. As an end user or implementation team member, this course will help you do your job more efficiently on a daily basis when you're utilizing this powerful solution.

Oracle BI 11g ( and Exalytics: New Features

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