OpenDJ Maintenance, Operations and Tuning FR-462


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This course will provide the students with the necessary skills to perform routine maintenance and troubleshooting techniques, monitor and tune servers, create and manage multiple databases, and perform other tasks with ForgeRock Open Directory Service for Java (OpenDJ).

The main course goal is to provide understanding and hands-on experience to enable students to perform the most important functions of ForgeRock OpenDJ and manage a production deployment.


The course is aimed at system administrators, integrators, consultants, architects and developers installing, configuring, administering and maintaining ForgeRock OpenDJ.

  • System Administrators
  • System Integrators
  • System Consultants
  • System Architects
  • Developers


  • Have basic knowledge of Unix commands
  • Have a basic knowledge of how to use Virtual Machines (The labs are provided with virtual machines)
  • Have a basic understanding of how LDAP works
  • A basic knowledge of Java will be a benefit, although programming experience not required


4 days

Course contents


  • Directory Server Concepts
  • LDAP protocol overview
  • Introduction to OpenDJ


  • OpenDJ Prerequisites
  • Considerations for installing OpenDJ
  • Starting with a fresh directory

OpenDJ Installation

  • Deployment components
  • Supported platforms
  • Hardware requirements
  • Installation process
  • Deployment scenarios: Single instance, Distributed Authentication, High availability
  • Lab: Installation

OpenDJ concepts

  • OpenDJ vs. other Directory Servers
  • OpenDJ security aspects
  • Java considerations
  • H/A considerations
  • Lab: SSL

Managing Data

  • Import and updates
  • Managing indexes
  • Controlling access to data
  • Administrative accounts and privileges
  • Password Policies
  • Managing user’s account
  • Defining and managing groups

OpenDJ replication concepts

  • Basic OpenDJ replication deployments
  • Advanced features: assured replication, fractional replication
  • Deployments in multiple data centers
  • Read only replicas (not yet avail nor tested)
  • Monitoring / Tuning replication
  • Lab: Replication

OpenDJ tools and tasks

  • OpenDJ fine tuning
  • Data import and exchange
  • OpenDJ monitoring
  • OpenDJ backup
  • Log management
  • Lab: OpenDJ Tools

OpenDJ Integration

  • Schema management
  • Retrieving Changes applied to the Directory
  • Integration with other parts of our stack
  • 3rd party apps we integrate with
  • OpenDJ performance testing
  • Lab: Integration

OpenDJ Maintenance, Operations and Tuning FR-462

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