OpenAM Deploymen Workshop FR-402


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This course will provide the students with the necessary skills to plan, install, configure and administer a ForgeRock OpenAM deployment. The main goal of the course is to give a quick understanding and hands-on experience, so students can control the most important functions of ForgeRock OpenAM and manage a production deployment.


The course is aimed at system administrators, integrators, consultants, architects and developers installing and configuring ForgeRock OpenAM.

  • System Administrators
  • System Integrators
  • System Consultants
  • System Architects
  • Developers


  • A basic knowledge of Unix commands
  • A basic understanding of how LDAP works
  • An appreciation of HTTP and web applications
  • A basic knowledge of Java would be beneficial, although programming experience is not required


4 days

Course contents


  • Identity Management Concepts: Provisioning, Authentication, Authorization
  • Access Management: Access Control, Single Sign On, Web Access Management, Federation


  • ForgeRock OpenAM Architecture: Authentication, Authorization, Federation
  • Policy Agents

ForgeRock OpenAM Installation

  • Deployment components
  • Supported platforms
  • Hardware requirements
  • Installation process
  • Deployment scenarios: Single instance, Distributed Authentication, High availability
  • Lab: Installation

Web Application Integration

  • Integration scenarios
  • Policy Agents
  • ForgeRock OpenAM web services interface: SOAP/WSDL, REST
  • Client SDK
  • Lab: Apache Policy agent installation; REST example


  • Data stores for ForgeRock OpenAM
  • Understanding realms
  • Identity repositories
  • Lab: Creating and using a realm

Authentication and SSO

  • ForgeRock OpenAM Authentication process
  • Authentication Architecture: Server side, Client side
  • Sessions: Authentication states, Session service
  • Configuring authentication
  • Authentication chains
  • Post authentication plug-in
  • Programmatic authentication
  • Lab: Configuring authentication modules

Authentication customization

  • Authentication Web User interface
  • Customizing the Web User Interface: Files, directory structure, JSP templates

Creating an authentication module

  • Process of creating an authentication module
  • Adding a customized authentication module
  • Lab: Create, install and use a new authentication module; Install a post authentication plug-in


  • Authorization policies overview
  • Policy Component Functionality: Definition, storage, administration
  • Configuring Policies
  • Lab: Create polices and use more configuration options of the Apache Policy Agent


  • Concepts: SAML 1.1 & 2.0; Liberty ID-FF; Fedlet; ID-WSF
  • Configuring SAML 2.0 in ForgeRock OpenAM as an IdP; as an SP
  • The Fedlet
  • SAML 2.0 extending functionality with plug-ins
  • - Account mapper- Attribute mapper- Context mapper
  • Lab: Configure ForgeRock OpenAM in a Federated environment using SAML2
  • - Configure as an IdP- Configure as an SP- Deploy and use a Fedlet

OpenAM Deploymen Workshop FR-402

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