OFSAA 8.x Implementation Basel


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This OFSAA 8.x Implementation Basel training is designed to help you understand the importance of Basel Regulatory Capital at banks. Expert Oracle University instructors will teach you how to explain functionalities of OFSAA Basel Regulatory Capital Application and describe its architecture to clients.bLearn To:/pse various tools and techniques within OFSAA to meet regulatory requirements.xplore Basel guidelines.alk through an end-to-end process flow of Basel Application.nalyze Basel Application architecture.escribe the Optimizer Utility for Credit Risk Mitigation.nalyze data flow between stage, processing and result subject areas.xplain attribution analysis.pply components of OFSAAI used by BASEL APPLICATION.reate technical and business metadata.bBenefits to You/py taking this course, you'll develop the skills to turn client requirements and data into useful project information by learning through a four-pronged delivery strategy. This insight can then be used to take action to design and implement a Basel Application at a bank or financial institution.bParticipate in Hands-On Exercises to Reinforce Learningphroughout this course, you'll be encouraged to discuss and quiz your classmates on new skills you're learning, as well as your instructor. You'll get a chance to complete hands-on exercises to reinforce new concepts and help you apply it to your daily job.

OFSAA 8.x Implementation Basel

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