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The MySQL Cluster - High Availability Solution course will teach the experienced MySQL database administration system how to properly create and configure MySQL Cluster to ensure high availability and maximum performance. Participants will learn to use and add individual nodes to the cluster and at the same time better understand the internal functioning and price of the entire cluster on the MySQL platform


  • Introduction to MySQL cluster architecture - what is a cluster, architecture, nodes, Node Groups
  • Cluster installation and creation - initialization, start of management node, connection of other nodes, cluster restart, HA test
  • Cluster configuration - cluster configuration, node management, data nodes, SQL nodes
  • NDB Storage Engine - data storage, indexes, transaction options
  • Cluster design and planning - system requirements and balance
  • Working with data in a cluster - Cluster Disk Data, importing data into a cluster, deleting tables
  • MySQL cluster management options - Clusters Management Console, backup, recovery, troubleshooting
  • Security - security architecture
  • Cluster performance - query execution, data size / space used, configuration
  • Cluster replication - replication, single channel, redundant channel, cluster replication for backup
  • Troubleshooting


Knowledge and experience with the administration of the MySQL database system.

Study Materials

Materials are in electronic form.

MySQL Cluster (EN)

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26.2.2024 –  28.2.2024  ONLINE

20 000 Kč + 21% DPH

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