MySQL - advanced querying in SQL (EN)

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The course MySQL - advanced querying in SQL deepens the knowledge of participants about the advanced possibilities of the SQL language in the environment of the MySQL database system. Students will learn advanced querying capabilities using the SELECT statement, use subqueries and functions, show the principle of transactions, data import and export options, query optimization and, last but not least, learn to use the new version from MySQL 5.0 - views. If you already have experience writing SQL queries, are working on the MySQL platform and want to learn useful advanced query techniques, this course is ideal for you. 

Obsah kurzu

  • Advanced SELECT statement options - advanced operators, regular expressions, LIKE

  • Subqueries - purpose, use, correlated and standalone subqueries, operators EXIST, ANY, IN, ALL

  • Advanced functions - functions for working with date, data conversion, metadata, working with XML, aggregation functions

  • Transactions - meaning, principle, use in MySQL, locking, isolation level

  • Views - meaning, use, creation, novelty in MySQL

  • Triggers - what are triggers, syntax, deleting a trigger

  • Import and export data

  • Query optimization - optimization principles, use of indexes, EXPLAIN, summary tables

Studijní materiály

Materials are in electronic form.

MySQL - advanced querying in SQL (EN)

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13 000 Kč + 21% DPH

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