MySQL - advanced administration (EN)

David Solnař

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The MySQL - Advanced Administration course introduces MySQL database server administrators to important advanced administration options. Participants will learn in detail the differences between individual storage engines, explain partitioning and access to metadata, learn to use replication as a supplement to backup for high availability, try to recover data from backups in case of problems and learn basic principles and procedures for optimizing database system performance. 

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MySQL server administrator

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  • Storage Engines in detail - InnoDB, MyISAM, MEMORY, CSV, MERGE, FEDERATED, ARCHIVE

  • Partitioning - principle, reasons for use, creation of partitioned tables, modifications and configuration, partitioning and locking

  • Metadata - access to metadata, INFORMATION_SCHEMA, use of SHOW and DESCRIBE, mysqlshow command

  • Replication - Introduction to High Availability (HA), principle, design, procedures, use and monitoring of replication

  • Backup and recovery - scheduling, tools, backup options, replication and backup, method comparison, Log and Status file backup, data recovery options

  • Disaster Recovery (DR) - differences between HA and DR, planning, testing

  • Basics of performance optimization - EXPLAIN for analysis, table optimization, MySQL server variables, best practice 

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Materials are in electronic form.

MySQL - advanced administration (EN)

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2.5.2023 –  3.5.2023  Online

15 000 Kč + 21% DPH

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