Microservices (EN)

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This Microservices training course provides practical experience in designing and implementing Microservices-based applications, as well as important principles for building and deploying Microservices. 

Participants will learn about the benefits and differences of Microservices compared to monolithic architectures, and gain hands-on experience with technology and tools used for Microservices development. The course covers topics such as deployment of Microservices, configuration of Microservices, creating health checks, resolving high availability, developing API gateways, and monitoring Microservices. 

  • Deployment of applications built as micro-services
  • Ways of configuring micro-services
  • Creating health checks
  • High availability solutions
  • API gateway development
  • Monitoring of micro-services


  • Master the basic principles of Microservices architecture and understand the differences compared to monolithic architecture.
  • Gain practical experience with the design and implementation of applications built on Microservices architecture.
  • Learn how to deploy and configure services and address high availability.
  • Gain awareness of API gateway development and configuration.
  • Learn to monitor and diagnose problems in Microservices applications.


This training is suitable for developers, software architects, systems engineers and other IT professionals who want to learn how to design and implement applications built on a Microservices architecture.
​It is also suitable for companies that want to move from a monolithic architecture to Microservices and need Microservices training for their employees.


I. Introduction to Microservices
  • Definition and benefits of Microservices architecture
  • Differences from monolithic architecture
II. Microservices design
  • Analysis and design of services
  • Ways of communication between services
  • Relationships between services
III. Realization of microservice applications
  • Technologies and Tools for Microservices Development
  • Deploying applications built as micro-services
  • Configuration of micro-services
IV. A high availability solution
  • Principles of high availability solutions in Microservices architecture
  • Distributed availability and accountability
V. API gateway development
  • What is an API gateway and what is it for?
  • API gateway development and configuration
VI. Monitoring micro-services
  • Principles of service monitoring
  • Ways of implementing monitoring
  • Usage of metrics and logging


Basic knowledge of programming in Java and working with Maven.

Study Materials

Materials are in electronic form.


OpenShift mesh

Microservices (EN)

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5.8.2024 –  9.8.2024  ONLINE

38 900 Kč + 21% DPH

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