JD Edwards EnterpriseOne PDM / MCA 9.2


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This JD Edwards EnterpriseOne PDM / MCA 9.2 training helps you explore the setup of foundational manufacturing data like bills of material, work centers and routings. This occurs within 3 base manufacturing environment types: discrete manufacturing, repetitive manufacturing and process manufacturing.bLearn To:/pet up the product data management system.anage requirements for repetitive manufacturing and process manufacturing.reate standard product costs.dentify product costing options in various supply chain environments use actual costing.ecome familiar with the setup required for product costing including item data, cost components and work centers rates.bPart 1: Product Data Management System/phe first part of this course helps you develop a foundational knowledge of the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Product Data Management system. This system is the cornerstone for other manufacturing systems.bPart 2: Manufacturing Costing Accounting/puring the second part, expert Oracle University instructors will teach you how to set up and execute manufacturing costing and accounting. You'll learn how manufacturing costs are calculated based on manufacturing data derived from the bills of material, routings, work centers and additional cost components.bManufacturing Accounting Setup/pou will also become familiar with the setup required for manufacturing accounting, including G/L Class Codes and automatic accounting instructions (AAIs). You'll develop an understanding of the relationship between shop floor transactions and manufacturing accounting entries, while learning how to track and analyze these entries.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne PDM / MCA 9.2

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