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ITIL® 4 Managing Professional Transition

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This course allows candidates of the previous iteration of ITIL to have a straightforward transition to ITIL 4 in order to achieve the designation of ITIL 4 ManagingProfessional. This course provides an understanding of the new ITIL 4 Foundation concepts and definitions, including the key differences between the previous iteration of ITIL and ITIL 4. The majority of the focus and time allocated during this course is an overview and understanding of the key elements from each one of the four ITIL Managing Professional (MP) modules: Create, Deliver and Support (CDS), Drive Stakeholder Value (DSV), High Velocity IT (HVIT) and Direct, Plan and Improve (DPI)

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• Senior IT leaders and executives
• Managers, supervisory staff, and team leaders
• IT professionals who require a deeper understanding of the ITIL 4 publications and how ITIL 4 concepts and activities can be implemented to enhance the quality of IT service management within an organization
• IT professionals working in roles associated within a service-based business mode

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This course covers the following topics:
• ITIL 4 Foundation: to introduce candidates to the management of modern IT-enabled services, to provide them with an understanding of the common language and key concepts
• Create, Deliver and Support (CDS): to provide the candidate with an understanding on how to integrate different value streams and activities to create, deliver and support ITenabled products and services, and relevant practices, methods and tools
• Drive Stakeholder Value (DSV): to provide the candidate with an understanding of all types of engagement and interactions between a service provider and their customers, users, suppliers and partners, including key CX, UX and journey mapping concepts
• High Velocity IT (HVIT): to provide the candidate with an understanding of the ways in which digital organizations and digital operating models function in high velocity environments
• Direct, Plan and Improve (DPI): to provide the candidate with the practical skills necessary to create a ‘learning and improving’ IT organization, with a strong and effective strategic direction


Candidates must currently hold the ITIL Expert designation or have a minimum of 17 Credits with the ITIL credit scheme to qualify for registration with PeopleCert regarding the Managing Professional examination.

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ITIL® 4 Managing Professional Transition

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25.10.2021  Online


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