Implementing an IBM Lotus Sametime 8 Infrastructure


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This course covers the administrative tasks necessary for administrators to deploy a Lotus Sametime server in an existing Lotus Domino environment. The course covers installing a Sametime server, setting up security, configuring ports and network connectivity, configuring Community Services and Meeting Services, configuring Recorded Meetings Broadcast Services, configuring Audio/Video Services, monitoring the Sametime server, and managing Sametime users. The course also introduces Sametime Advanced features and capabilities.
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IBM Education Advantage Program Eligibility
Yes - IBM Education Pack - online account
This course for Lotus Domino or Sametime administrators who want to deploy a Lotus Sametime server in an existing Lotus Domino environment. You will manage the deployment of Lotus Sametime within the fictitious company Worldwide Corporation. The course's intent is to provide an environment analogous to the tasks you will perform back at your jobs.
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This advanced course is designed for Lotus Domino or Sametime administrators who are new or experienced with Lotus Sametime and who need to deploy and manage Lotus Sametime in an enterprise environment.
Předpokládané znalosti
Completion of the following IBM Lotus Domino courses or equivalent knowledge, skills, and experience:
• IBM Lotus Domino 8 System Administration Operating Fundamentals (D8750)
• Building an IBM Lotus Domino 8 Infrastructure (D8760)
• Managing IBM Lotus Domino 8 Servers and Users (D8770) (recommended)
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• Install an IBM Lotus Sametime server in an existing IBM Lotus Domino Domain.
• Establish the appropriate IBM Lotus Sametime security mechanisms for your environment, control Web access to server databases, and implement token authentication.
• Configure ports on the IBM Lotus Sametime server.
• Configure the Sametime Community and Meeting Services.
• Configure Recorded Meeting Broadcast Services on an IBM Lotus Sametime server.
• Configure audio/visual services on the IBM Lotus Sametime server.
• Monitor the status and operations of an IBM Lotus Sametime server.
• Set user policies.
• Identify the capabilities and features for IBM Lotus Sametime Advanced
Klíčová témata
Lesson 1: Installing an IBM Lotus Sametime Server
Topic 1A: Identifying IBM Lotus Sametime Server Architecture and Components
• Overview of Lotus Sametime
• Lotus Sametime Clients
• Lotus Sametime Client Packager
• Lotus Sametime Services
• Lotus Sametime Server Requirements
• Lotus Sametime Architecture
• Databases in the Lotus Sametime Environment
Topic 1B: Installing an IBM Lotus Sametime Server
• Server Installation Options
• Individual Lotus Sametime Server
• Integrating Into an Existing Lotus Domino Network
• Additional Lotus Sametime Server in a Sametime Community
• Lotus Sametime Enterprise Meeting Server
• How to Install and Configure a Lotus Sametime Server
Topic 1C: Configuring an IBM Lotus Sametime Server
• Connecting to the Internet
• Configuring a Lotus Sametime Server to Access an LDAP Directory
• HTTP Tunneling
• How to Configure a Lotus Sametime Server
Topic 1D: Deploying the IBM Lotus Sametime Connect Client
• Installing from a CD or Network Download
• Integrating Lotus Sametime with a Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook
• How to Install the Sametime Connect Client
Lesson 2: Setting Up IBM Lotus Sametime Security
Topic 2A: IBM Lotus Sametime Security Methods
• Lotus Sametime Security Features
• User Identification and Authentication
• Using the Secure Sockets Layer Protocol with Lotus Sametime
Topic 2B: Enabling Single Sign-On
• HTTP Session Authentication
• Domino Single Sign-On
• Single Sign-On (SSO) Configuration
• How to Enable Single Sign-On
Topic 2C: Accessing the IBM Lotus Sametime Administration Tool
• The Lotus Sametime Administration Tool
• Lotus Sametime Administration Tool Features and Commands
• How to Access the Lotus Sametime Administration Tool
Topic 2D: Configuring Password Identification and Authentication
• Password Identification and Authentication
• Maximum Internet Name and Password Access
• How to Configure Password Identification and Authentication
Topic 2E: Configuring Token Authentication
• Authentication by Token
• Authentication Tools Selection
• The Secrets and Tokens Authentication System
• Tokens Database
• How to Configure Token Authentication
Lesson 3: Configuring Ports and Network Connectivity
Topic 3A: Configuring IBM Lotus Sametime Connectivity
• Lotus Sametime Services
• Lotus Sametime Client Connections
• Services and Client Connections
• Client Configuration Settings
• Accessing Networks and Ports
Topic 3B: Configuring Networks and Ports on the IBM Lotus Sametime Server
• HTTP, Domino, LDAP and Intraserver Services
• Community Services Network
• Meeting Services Network
• Broadcast Services Network
• Interactive Audio/Video Network
• Proxy Support
• Settings for a Multiple Server Environment
• How to Configure Networks and Port Settings on the Lotus Sametime Server
Lesson 4: Configuring Community Services and Meeting Services
Topic 4A: Configuring Community Services Settings
• Client to Server Interaction Supported by Community Services
• General Settings
• Server Features Settings
• How to Configure Community Services Settings
Topic 4B: Configuring Anonymous Access Parameters
• Identifying Anonymous Users in Lotus Sametime Applications
• Enabling the Display of Anonymous Users' Names
• How to Configure Anonymous Access Parameters
Topic 4C: Configuring Meeting Services Settings
• Client to Server Interaction Supported by Meeting Services
• General Meeting Services Settings
• Default Meeting Settings
• Security Settings
• Telephone Options
• Connection Speed Settings
• How to Configure Meeting Services Settings
Topic 4D: Configuring the Business Card
• Business Card Attribute Values
• Configuring LDAP or Domino Directory for Business Card Access
• Configuring the Photo
• How to Configure the Business Card
Lesson 5: Configuring the Recorded Meeting Broadcast Services
Topic 5A: Broadcast Services Server Components and Clients
• Broadcast Services
• Functions Managed by Recorded Meeting Broadcast Services
• Recorded Meeting Broadcast Client Connection Process
Topic 5B: Broadcast Services Settings
• Administering Broadcast Services
• Connection Speed Settings
• Multicasting
Topic 5C: Troubleshooting Broadcast Services Performance Issues
• Network Congestion
• Packet Loss
• Meeting Performance Issues
Lesson 6: Configuring the Audio/Video Services
Topic 6A: Audio/Video Services
• Audio/Video Services Components
• Interaction Between Audio/Video Services and Clients
Topic 6B: Testing Audio/Visual Equipment
• Identifying Audio/Visual Equipment Requirements
• How to Test Audio/Visual Equipment
• Topic 6C: Interactive Audio/Video Settings
• Interactive Audio/Video Services
• Connection Speed Settings
• Usage Limits and Denied Entry
Lesson 7: Monitoring the IBM Lotus Sametime Server
Topic 7A: Logging IBM Lotus Sametime Server Events
• Enabling Lotus Sametime Server Logging
• Specifying the Location to Log Lotus Sametime Server Activity and Statistics
• Specifying Events to Log
• Viewing Events in the Lotus Domino Log
• How to Log Lotus Sametime Server Events
Topic 7B: Using IBM Lotus Sametime Server Monitoring Tools
• Lotus Sametime Monitoring Tools
• Monitoring Miscellaneous Requests and Commands
• Monitoring Overall Server Status
• Sending a Message to Users
• How to Use Lotus Sametime Server Monitoring Tools
Lesson 8: Setting User Policies
Topic 8A: Assigning IBM Lotus Sametime Policies
• The Default Sametime Policy
• Assigning Access to Users and Groups
• Settings for Instant Meetings
• Settings for Chat Transcripts
• Allowing File Transfers
• LDAP Settings for Policy
• How to Assign Sametime Policies
Topic 8B: Managing IBM Lotus Sametime Users
• Methods for Adding Users
• Self-Registration
• Methods for Editing and Deleting Users
• Using the Name Conversion Utility
• How to Manage Lotus Sametime Users
Topic 8C: Managing IBM Lotus Sametime Groups
• Lotus Sametime Groups
• Lotus Sametime Policy
• How to Manage Lotus Sametime Groups
Topic 8D: Adding IBM Lotus Sametime Server Administrators
• Adding Lotus Sametime Server Administrators
• Adding the Administrators Group to the Lotus Sametime Database ACLs
• Granting the Administrators Group Access in the Server Document
• How to Add Lotus Sametime Server Administrators
Lesson 9: IBM Lotus Sametime Advanced Capabilities and Features
Topic 9A: Features of IBM Lotus Sametime Advanced
• New Web Client and Sametime Connect Client Updates
• Using Persistent Group Chat Rooms
• Real-Time Broadcast Channels
• Monitoring Sametime Advanced
• Instant Share
• Location Services
• Instant Poll
• Skill Tap

Implementing an IBM Lotus Sametime 8 Infrastructure

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