IBM WebSphere Business Modeler V7: Process Mapping and Analysis


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PLEASE NOTE: This course is also available as an Instructor Led Online Course, IBM WebSphere Business Modeler V7: Process Mapping and Analysis (Remote Class) (VB784). Please note this option does not require any travel.
This three-day instructor-led course teaches students how to use the powerful features and capabilities of IBM WebSphere Business Modeler V7, as well as key business process management (BPM) practices, to map, document, and analyze business processes.
WebSphere Business Modeler V7 enables the visualization, documentation, modeling, and analysis of business processes for understanding and process execution. Business Modeler provides a comprehensive view of the processes that underlie how organizations do business, which allows users to document business processes and to improve them through business process analysis.
In this course, students receive intensive training in documenting business processes and conducting analysis with WebSphere Business Modeler V7. The course begins with an overview of Business Modeler and the concept of business processes. Students learn how to document business processes by creating business process diagrams with Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN). Students also learn how to define human tasks and business rules tasks, validate the process model, and apply common modeling patterns.
Hands-on lab exercises include creating process models using the Swimlane editor, project versioning using Rational ClearCase, and performing team collaboration by using WebSphere Business Compass with Business Space powered by WebSphere. Students then apply what they learned, using these concepts and techniques to develop their own models based on a provided business scenario.
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This is an intermediate course for business analysts, implementation consultants, project managers, support engineers, sales and marketing professionals, and customers who need intensive training in process modeling, analysis, and reporting using WebSphere Business Modeler V7.
Předpokládané znalosti
There are no required prerequisites for this course.
Cíl kurzu
• Create a business process diagram using the process editor
• Create definitions and structures for modeling elements
• Validate a model and perform static analysis
• Apply common modeling patterns
• Identify project management capabilities and methodologies
• Create a process model based on a business scenario
• Perform team collaboration support for version control
• Perform team collaboration using WebSphere Business Compass
Klíčová témata
• Course introduction
• Introduction to business process management and WebSphere Business Modeler
• WebSphere Business Modeler overview
• Exercise: Creating a simple process
• Creating a business process diagram
• Exercise: Adding definitions and structures
• Defining elements and attributes
• Exercise: Defining elements and attributes
• Completing the process model
• Exercise: Completing the process model
• Defining human tasks and forms
• Exercise: Defining human tasks and forms
• Defining business rules
• Exercise: Defining business rules
• Model validation and static analysis
• Exercise: Model validation and static analysis
• Basic reports and queries
• Exercise: Basic reports and queries
• Common modeling patterns
• Project management, methodology, and approaches
• Collaboration support for version control
• Exercise: Collaboration support for version control
• WebSphere Business Compass overview
• Exercise: Collaboration using Business Compass
• Building your own model
• Exercise: Building your own model
• Course review
• Course summary
• Optional unit: Linking requirements to Rational RequisitePro
• Optional exercise: Linking requirements to Rational RequisitePro
• Optional unit: Importing into WebSphere Business Modeler
• Optional exercise: Importing into WebSphere Business Modeler

IBM WebSphere Business Modeler V7: Process Mapping and Analysis

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