IBM Tivoli Storage Manager 6.2 Advanced Administration (ILO)


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NOTE: This is a live, instructor-led online course. Do not make arrangements to travel. See the Student Machine Requirements section for the equipment required to participate in the lectures and hands-on labs. After you are confirmed in the class you will receive further instructions to access audio, video and remote labs. Instructor-led Online US courses start at 9:00 am Central time unless specified otherwise. Please enroll at least five business days prior to class start date to ensure course materials can be shipped in time. You must provide the mailing address where you wish to receive your course materials if it is different from the company address indicated in your enrollment request.
This course is for administrators who possess a fundamental knowledge of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager. It provides in-depth administration training with IBM Tivoli Storage Manager 6.2 Extended Edition at a higher skill level than the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager 6.2 Implementation and Administration course (see courses IBM Tivoli Storage Manager 6.2 Implementation and Administration (TS611) and (8S611)). You will learn how to control and tune the Tivoli Storage Manager environment and what steps to take when troubleshooting. The lab exercises explore the DB2 database management methods and options and introduce Tivoli Storage Manager for Reporting and Monitoring. In addition, the exercises involve multiple servers to simulate an enterprise environment. You will participate in group problem determination exercises, perform a variety of backup and restore processes, and optimize data management, such as data deduplication. You will also tune the backup-archive client and the Tivoli Storage Manager 6.2 server for optimal performance.
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This advanced course is for Senior System Administrators and Business Partners who are experienced with IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Implementation.
Předpokládané znalosti
You should complete course IBM Tivoli Storage Manager 6.2 Implementation and Administration (TS611) or (8S611), or the previous version of Storage Manager training (see course IBM Tivoli Storage Manager 5.5 Implementation and Administration (TM502) or (TT502)).
You should also have the following general skills:
• Ability to navigate through applications on the OS being used for the course
• Ability to use the OS command line on the OS being used for the course
• Experience working with storage devices
• Ability to work with an Internet browser
• Thorough understanding of client-server concepts
• Basic understanding of network architecture including WAN, LAN and SAN
Cíl kurzu
• Back up and restore Tivoli Storage Manager databases and storage pools
• Write and use macros and scripts to automate operations
• Optimize Tivoli Storage Manager with performance tuning parameters
• Install and configure Tivoli Storage Manager for Reporting and Monitoring
• Use client and server trace functions
• Troubleshoot and recover from a database failure
• Recover a primary storage pool
• Configure and use server-to-server virtual volumes
• Configure and use backup sets and online image backup
• Configure and use multi-session backup and move node data
• Enable and use file grouping and open file support
• Configure single administrative logon
• Monitor and generate reports for Tivoli Storage Manager
Klíčová témata
• Unit 1: Tivoli Storage Manager 6.2 concept review and updates
• Unit 2: Database and recovery log management
• Unit 3: Storage pool manipulations
• Unit 4: Tivoli Storage Manager for Reporting and Monitoring
• Unit 5: SQL statements, macros and scripts
• Unit 6: Tivoli Storage Manager performance tuning
• Unit 7: Backup and restore methodology
• Unit 8: Enterprise administration
• Unit 9: Server-to-server virtual volumes
• Unit 10: Reports using Common Reporting
• Unit 11: Problem determination concepts
Požadavky na technické vybavení
To participate in both the lectures and labs for this course, the student workstation must meet the following hardware requirements:
• Minimum of 256 MB of memory
• Windows 98 or higher
• Headset with microphone, or separate microphone and speakers
• Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher
• 128-bit encryption (Versions of Internet Explorer prior to version 6.0 and Windows 98, NT 4.0, and 2000 must have the High Encryption Packs installed)
• Citrix ICA Client (Installed when you access e-lab during class)
• High speed internet (56K bps or higher)
NOTE: The Citrix application (web client or full package) requires access to port 443 (https). Please ensure personal and corporate firewalls have this port open.

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager 6.2 Advanced Administration (ILO)

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