IBM Netezza Appliance Usage and Advanced Concepts DW520CZ


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This course is a combination of IBM Netezza Appliance Usage (DW500) and IBM Netezza Appliance Advanced Concepts.

This course will teach participants database administration for the Netezza Appliance. The Netezza Appliance Usage course is designed to give the participant an overview of the Netezza appliance architecture and provide a working knowledge and understanding of the Netezza database features and best practices. Participants will be able to administer the Netezza appliance,configure client connectivity, create databases and tables, determine distribution methods, load and unload tables, GENERATE STATISTICS, analyze query plans, create materialized views and backup and restore the Netezza appliance.

Participants will also learn advanced database administration skills for the IBM Netezza Appliance. The Netezza Appliance Advanced Concepts course is designed to give the participant a working knowledge and understanding on Netezza appliance internals to optimize Netezza appliance performance and tune system parameters. This course will provide an overview of Netezza appliance administration and analysis. Participants will learn how to analyze Plan files, perform query analysis and troubleshooting, optimize data distributions, interact with advanced CLI commands, use nzsql and workload management.

This course is appropriate for customers who have IBM Netezza 100 or IBM Netezza 1000, formerly known as Skimmer and TwinFin.

Kurz je určen pro:

This course is for Database Administrators, System Administrators, Application Developers and Data Warehouse Architects.

Předpokládané znalosti:

You should have the following background:

  • Working knowledge of Unix or Linux
  • Experience with Shell Scripting
  • Experience with VI Editing
  • Basic SQL experience

Co se u nás naučíte:

  • Create your own database and manage permissions for users and groups.
  • Install and learn to use the NzAdmin tool for typical administrative tasks.
  • Work with and develop effective data distributions.
  • Manage data loads and transactions.
  • Generate Statistics to produce optimal query performance.
  • Analyze query plans of execution.
  • Understand the usefulness and how to produce efficient zone maps.
  • Connect to the Netezza system using standard ODBC connections.
  • Tune the Netezza Appliance using system parameters.
  • Locate, Understand and glean required information from the system and NZ log files.
  • Develop basic scripts using nzsql.
  • Learn how to manage key events and notify appropriate personnel on critical issues.
  • Analyze performance and identify areas for improvement.
  • Manage workload via prioritization and configuration.
  • Create Stored Procedures.
  • Configure and review query history.
  • Explain the Netezza High Availability Architecture

IBM Netezza Appliance Usage and Advanced Concepts DW520CZ

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