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IBM Cognos TM1: Analyze and Share Data (V10.2)

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IBM Cognos TM1: Analyze and Share Data (V10.2) is a three-day, instructor-led course designed to teach analysts how to use TM1 to analyze data to discover trends and exceptions, create and customize reports and templates, and contribute to plans. Through a series of lectures and hands-on exercises, participants will learn how to create analyses and enter data in Microsoft Excel and on the Web, create custom views of the data, and build reports and forms in Microsoft Excel that communicate with TM1.
  • 1. Examine TM1 Components
  • 1. Examine TM1 Components
  • 2. Customize Cube Views in IBM Cognos TM1
  • 3. Enter and Spread Data
  • 4. Analyze Data using IBM Cognos Analysis for Microsoft Excel
  • 5. Analyze Data using IBM Cognos TM1 Perspectives
  • 6. Create Dynamic Reports with Active Forms
  • 7. Contribute to Plans using TM1 Applications
  • 8. Analyze and Enter Data in IBM Cognos Insight
  • 9. Explore Data and Edit Subsets in TM1 Web
  • 10. Organize and Distribute Content (Optional)
Knowledge of your business requirements; Experience using the Windows operating system and a Web browser; Experience using Microsoft Excel.

IBM Cognos TM1: Analyze and Share Data (V10.2)

Vybraný termín:

14.12.2020 –  16.12.2020  Online

40200 Euro + 21 % DPH

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