IBM Cognos Planning: Overview (V10.1) P8106CZ


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IBM Cognos Planning: Overview (V10.1) is a two-day, instructor-led course designed to provide administrators and project managers a comprehensive overview of the IBM Cognos Planning solution. Participants will learn the purpose and benefits of each Planning component and understand what is involved in creating a Planning Analyst model, and creating a Planning Contributor application based on a model. Participants will perform hands-on demos and workshops while learning the essentials of building a Planning solution.

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This course is intended for Administrators and Project Managers.

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There are no pre-requisites in this course.


  • Introduction to IBM Cognos Planning Analyst
    • Examine the components of the IBM Cognos Planning solution
    • Discuss libraries, D Lists, D Cubes, and D Links
    • Create libraries
  • Create D Lists and D Cubes
    • Manually create D Lists
    • Import D List items from external sources
    • Modify D Lists
    • Build D Cubes
  • Load Data
    • Determine what can be used as source data
    • Create file maps to assist in loading data
    • Load data from an external source into a D Cube
    • Load data from one D Cube to another
  • Introduction to IBM Cognos Planning Contributor Administration
    • Review IBM Cognos Performance Management (PM) Solution
    • Identify IBM Cognos Planning and its components
    • Identify IBM Cognos BI and its components
    • Examine the IBM Cognos Planning architecture
    • Examine IBM Cognos Planning Contributor and its components
    • Examine the development process for the Planning Contributor solution
  • Build an IBM Cognos Planning Contributor Application
    • Examine best practices for building the underlying IBM Cognos Planning Analyst model
    • Configure IBM Cognos Planning Administrator
    • Create a Planning Contributor application using the Application wizard
    • Specify navigation, orientation, and application settings
    • Import the e.List and rights
    • Run Go to Production and preview a Planning Contributor application
  • Manage Workflow and Web Application Activities
    • Access the application in IBM Cognos Connection
    • Examine the user roles and workflow states
    • Create annotations
    • Attach documents to Planning Contributor application items
    • View and delete commentary
    • Bounce users from the application
    • Work offline

IBM Cognos Planning: Overview (V10.1) P8106CZ

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