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HPE SAN Essentials II: Advanced B-series Networking

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This course is for advanced HPE B-Series SAN administrators and is a follow-up to the HPE SAN Essentials I: Administration Fundamentals class. This course does not cover basics since those are discussed in the Fundamentals training. This course introduces new topics such as advanced fibre channel (FC) features, additional HPE B-Series SAN management options, SAN extension technologies, advanced SAN security, and hardware installation. All practical parts are based on HPE B-Series SAN devices. This course helps students gain the experience needed to tackle the challenges of working in medium-sized and enterprise-class HPE B-Series SAN environments.

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Intermediate to advanced technical professionals seeking a learning path that includes more advanced knowledge of SAN technologies and experience in HPE B-series SAN environments.

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At the conclusion of this course, you should be able to:
• Explain advanced FC terminology
• Describe the role of the principal switch
• Talk about FCP routing
• Explain ISLs and trunking
• Explain advanced FC concepts ,SAN services, and associated well-known addresses
• Describe FC stack, Classes of Service, and frame structure
• Discuss additional zoning types (Peer, TDPZ, TI, QoS) as well as ingress ratelimiting
• List and talk about SAN extension options, B-Series Extended Fabrics, and Buffer-toBuffer Credits
• Describe FCIP technology including tunnels, circuits FCIP QoS, performance and security
• Discuss FC-FC routing including definitions and elements.
• Talk about Virtual Fabrics including IDs, types of logical switches and links between them
• Present SAN security in both theory and practice (policy distribution, SCC, DCC, FCS policies as well as IP Filter and AUTH policies)
• Talk about performance monitoring on HPE StoreFabric B-series products (Fabric Vision, with focus on Flow Vision and MAPS)
• Talk about additional SAN management options and switch firmware
• Present basic troubleshooting and diagnostics methods by using SAN Network Advisor, Web Tools, and CLI.
• Perform Firmware upgrade


• HPE SAN Essentials I: Administration Fundamentals (HM9Q1S)
• A good technical understanding of networking and storage concepts
• Basic experience in managing Windows systems

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HPE SAN Essentials II: Advanced B-series Networking

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