Fusion Applications R8: Installation and Patching


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No hands-on lab environment for the Training On Demand course formathis Fusion Applications R8: Installation and Patching training is based on Oracle Fusion Applications Release 8. It will teach you how to plan, install and patch the Oracle Fusion Applications and Oracle Fusion Middleware components used in Oracle Fusion Applications Release 8.bLearn To:/pnstall and configure an Oracle Database for applications transactions.lan for installing Oracle Fusion Applications.repare a provisioning response file using the provisioning wizard.nstall, deploy and configure Oracle Fusion Applications.tart and use the Identity Management environment with Fusion Applications.erform life cycle operations for Middleware components in Fusion Applications environment.tart, stop, configure and administer Oracle Fusion Applications processes.pply Fusion Applications patches using FAPMGR utility.pply Fusion Middleware patches using FASPOT utility.bBenefits to You/phe practices in this course will involve you working in teams. Each team provisions one Oracle Fusion Applications Release 8 environment. You'll get a broad overview of how to use an Identity Management environment that's pre-configured for use with Oracle Fusion Applications.bPlease Note:/phis course does not cover the functional setup and functional administration of Oracle Fusion Applications.t's mainly focused on Fusion Applications provisioning in on-premise environments.he practices have been developed and validated only on Fusion Applications Release 8.

Fusion Applications R8: Installation and Patching

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