Fusion Applications: HCM Global Human Resources


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This Global Human Resources training teaches you to set up your enterprise and workforce structures and configure security. Expert instructors will teach you how to manage person employment data, access person gallery and more.Learn To:Use Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager (FSM) to implement Workforce Deployment.Set up your enterprise and workforce structures.Create jobs, positions and grades.Perform functional tasks like hiring persons, managing employment and accessing the gallery portrait.Set up job and person profiles.Configure security for Global Human Resources data.Benefits to You:Ensure a smooth, rapid implementation of Workforce Deployment. Better understand the key components and configuration options so that you can make improved decisions during your implementation. Optimize the set up of your organization’s workforce structures and perform critical functional tasks so that your HR team can effectively manage a global workforce.Enterprise and Workforce StructuresThis course will teach you how to establish enterprise, job and position structures. You'll create organizations, locations, departments and business units. Set up two and three tier employment models. Define grades, jobs and positions. Person, Employment Gallery PortraitLearn to hire persons and manage their employment and work relationships. Transfer and promote workers and terminate work relationships. Manage gallery portrait and the worker directory. Perform the person search, line manage self-service and worker self-service functions using the gallery portrait. Profile Management Get hands-on training to learn to configure talent profile settings. Set up talent profile content and create talent profiles.SecurityLearn the steps needed to define security for HCM. Set up data security and security profiles. Manage data roles, role provisioning and role mappings.Workforce RecordsYou'll also learn how to define availability, set up work schedules and calendar events. Define person and employment values. Manage documents, checklists and workforce predictions.Common ComponentsFinally, develop an understanding of how to define approvals and custom enterprise scheduler jobs. Configure geographies. Create common components such as flexfields, lookups, and profile options.

Fusion Applications: HCM Global Human Resources

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68 750 Kč + 21% DPH

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