Foundations for Implementing Root Cause Analysis

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How do you know when there’s a problem in a given situation? Once discovered, how do you approach solving the problem? In this course, you’ll be provided basic steps for how to define a problem and an approach for solving that problem using a proven methodology. You’ll explore how a problem can be viewed as an opportunity for improvement and how a solution to a problem can be leveraged within different areas of your organization.

Effective problem solving isn’t just a quality function, and it’s not just for operations or engineering. Effective problem solving is a valuable skill set needed throughout an organization. By working through a plausible scenario, you’ll assess your own problem-solving skills and experience how tempting it is to jump to solutions or try to fix the problem without investigating and understanding all the underlying causes. Though sometimes effective in the short-term, jumping to solutions can be unreliable, wasting time, money, and effort. Instead, you’ll be introduced to a formal problem-solving approach for finding root causes and implementing effective and lasting solutions that eliminate the problem.

The course concludes by emphasizing the need for problem-solving teams and providing an opportunity for you to practice creating a team that will investigate a sample problem. Here, you’ll explore the different roles and responsibilities utilized when solving problems using a structured approach.


By participating in this on-demand course, you’ll be able to:

  • Define “problem” and be able to recognize a problem in a given scenario
  • Summarize the importance of seeing problems as opportunities and the resultant effects of this approach
  • Explain why a structured approach helps to solve problems
  • Recite the eight-step process used for problem solving and summarize how each step contributes to solving a problem
  • Summarize roles and responsibilities associated with a structured problem-solving approach
  • Recognize a need for a work team, construct an effective team, and define roles and responsibilities within the team

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Foundations for Implementing Root Cause Analysis

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