FireWall Security Best Practices and Threat Prevention

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Please Note: This course will be delivered in half-day sessions

This course enables you to effectively secure your enterprise network by leveraging the full potential of the Next-Generation FireWall. Most firewall infrastructures have been migrated from a legacy firewall. However, such a like-for-like migration does not protect the network as it is missing the correct setup of all the threat prevention techniques offered by the Next-Generation FireWall. Implementing security best practices can be a serious challenge as it is often difficult to identify where to start and what combination of best practices is adequate for the environment. Therefore, the “FireWall Security Best Practices and Threat Prevention” (EDU-214 replacement) course teaches not only security best practices but also the methodologies to apply them with minimal impact effectively.

FireWall Security Best Practices and Threat Prevention

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7.10.2024 –  11.10.2024  Praha

1 500 Euro + 21% DPH

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