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Excel - Getting Started with Formulas and Functions (EN)

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Would you like your tables to be able to count? In the course we will show you how easy it is to calculate in Excel. 

We will introduce you to the basic rules for entering formulas and how to easily copy formulas to the entire table. We will clearly show the operation of formulas when copied to a table and explain the principle of relative and absolute addressing in formulas.

Cíle kurzu

  • Entering formulas

  • Using operators in formulas

  • Addressing in samples

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To all Excel users. Suitable for beginners.

Obsah kurzu

Entering formulas

  • Rules for entering a formula into a cell

  • Copying formulas

  • Referencing in patterns between leaves

Using operators in formulas

  • Arithmetic operators

  • The text operator was not an ampersand

Addressing in samples

  • Relative addressing

  • Absolute addressing

  • Mixed addressing


Basic work with PC.


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Excel - Getting Started with Formulas and Functions (EN)

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29.11.2021  Online

900 Kč + 21 % DPH

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