Empirica Signal 7.3 Jumpstart - Online Course


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This Empirica Signal 7.3 Jumpstart course provides you the knowledge and the skills that you need to perform pharmacovigilance and signal detection activities using the Empirica Signal 7.3 software. Learn To:Navigate the Empirica Signal user interface and set user preferences.Review data mining results and drill down to case data.Review sector maps and drill down to case data.Compare drugs within a drug class using graphs.Create and publish a case series.Run reports and save output.Create saved lists of drugs or events.Review drug profiles.Benefits to You By taking this course, new and experienced Empirica Signal users will develop hands-on, working knowledge of how to use Empirica Signal to benefit your business processes. Dig into reviewing data and more with the help of expert Oracle University instructors.

Empirica Signal 7.3 Jumpstart - Online Course

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